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Android Development

Smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system have now became one of the most popular media of this decade. Sales of Android smartphones and tablets now exceed those of the equivalent Apple devices.

Please allow us to develop an app suitable for your own requirements whether it be to advertise your business or to provide a full retail solution which will harness the power of Android technology at a price to suit your pocket.

Apps can be developed on request to any specification. We can develop apps using the following technologies and features :

- 2D and 3D graphical layouts

- File management, SQLite databases and Internet content providers

- Maps, Geocoding and location based services

- Widgets, live folders and live wallpapers

- Audio, video and camera manipulation

- Telephony, SMS and sensors

- Bluetooth, networks and WiFi control

- E-Commerce and payments

This means that we are ideally placed to develop apps for most sectors including :

- Technical, industrial and mathematical

- Business, banking and E-Commerce

- Entertainment and Games

- Utilities and tools

- Educational and informational

- Corporate advertisement

Please contact us for a quote or if you have any further questions about our Android app development service .

Betting Calculator This app calculates winnings based on the stake entered and two numbers representing the odds.

RPG Dice Do you enjoy role playing games ? Well, here is our first dice simulator. It accurately calculates the total of 6 rolls of types D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and D100 for a very handy dice rolling app. New features will be added in later versions.

Weird Sounds If you want to hear some of the weirdest and craziest sounds around please download this app. Over 100 strange and freaky sounds for your enjoyment.

Weird Halloween Sounds For 30 of the scariest (and strangest) sounds around please download this app. Ringtone functionality is also available on long click. Now tells you how many sleeps to Halloween (if you dare sleep - Mooooaaaarrrr !!!)

Weird Christmas Sounds Celebrate the festivities with the new PC Weird Sounds Xmas app containing 30 of your favourite winter sounds. Also contains a handy countdown to Santa's arrival.

Android Portfolio

Below are links to our apps on Google Play including the 6500+ downloaded Weird Sounds app and 2500+ downloaded Betting Calculator :